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Castrol, is part of the BP group and is a world-leading manufacturer, distributor and marketer of premium lubricant brands to automotive, industrial, marine, aviation, oil exploration and production customers across the world. With a Global footprint, Castrol markets its products through 120 countries, serving over 500,000 customers and 200 million consumers across the world. 

Established on 1st July 1919, Castrol Australia has been giving motorists, truckers, aviators, farmers, mariners and miners the state-of-the-art lubricants they need to improve performance, innovate and prosper. Nowhere is Castrol’s pioneering spirit and continued innovation embodied more than in the decades Castrol has spent working with NASA to turn dreams of space travel into a reality. In fact, NASA have chosen Castrol’s innovative lubricants for over 60 years, including many of the pioneering Apollo missions. A little closer to home Castrol plays a key part in industries as diverse as mining, shipping and automotive production while also powering cutting-edge transportation on land, sea and air. 

In the skies, we’ve been making the impossible possible all the way back to the Wright Brothers, who in 1903 successfully invented and flew the first powered aircraft. In fact, the first plane ever to loop-the-loop had Castrol pumping through its engine. 

On the track, motorsport remains part of Castrol’s DNA with involvement spanning from its long-standing support of grassroots racing through Karting Australia, all the way through to two decades of partnership with Tickford Racing in Supercars. In addition to being involved with every land speed record in history, Castrol works closely with Alpine F1 Team to unlock the edge of performance and now provides advanced e-fluids for Formula E racing, helping these futuristic cars to race around the world. 

Whether it's helping to explore new worlds in outer space or pushing the boundaries on every surface of the earth, Castrol performs a critical role in developing cutting-edge technology which drives Australia and the world forward.