Tips to find the right mechanic


Finding the right mechanic to service or repair your car can be a daunting prospect. Purchasing a car is a sizeable commitment and maintaining it is an important part of caring for that investment. Good servicing can extend the life of your car and finding a mechanic you can trust is paramount to keeping your vehicle in prime condition. Here are some tips to help you find a car servicing mechanic who is qualified to service or repair your car.


Often the best way to have a good car servicing experience is to choose a mechanic who has come recommended. A referral gives you peace of mind that the servicing centre is trusted by your friend or family member.

Do be aware that if you car is brand new and the recommendation comes from a person driving an old Falcon that the mechanic might not be the right choice for you, be sure to check their qualifications.

Qualifications, experience and specialisation

The qualifications and experience of your mechanic are important questions if you want to feel like you have selected a trustworthy service centre. If their training and credentials aren’t displayed enquire about their background and experience.

There are so many varieties of cars (e.g. European cars, four-wheel drives, diesel cars, Japanese cars, classic cars) so, it isn’t surprising that car servicing centres often specialise in certain areas. Don’t be afraid to make sure they specialise in your make of car.


Ask your mechanic if they offer a warranty on their repairs. You will feel more trusting of a service centre if they will happily guarantee their work. Finding a mechanic is easier if you know they use quality parts and you are confident they will service your car to the highest level.


When finding a new mechanic ensure they have good communication skills. You want a mechanic who can explain what they are doing in a way you understand. This way if there are major repairs required that cost you additional money you will understand exactly why they need to happen. You also want open and honest communication to ensure the mechanic will call you should there need to be any additional work done on your car.


If you are looking to find a mechanic it is always economic to look close to work or home, it makes being without a car that little bit easier and your service more economical without the added cost of taxis, should you not be able to get a courtesy car.

Find the right mechanic for your car and you will be using them regularly. A good and trusted mechanic will extend the life of your car and ensure driving and owning a car is hassle free.