How to maintain your car


For the vast majority of our population, having a safe and reliable motor vehicle is an essential and integral element in our daily lives. An unexpected car breakdown usually means significant inconvenience and added expenses. Given these factors and the importance of a car in our lives, it makes sense to take good care of our cars.

The dangers of poor car care

Failure to follow recommended service intervals, driving a car repeatedly beyond it's limits, allowing dirt and grime to build up and not using appropriate, quality parts and car care products are all examples of poor car care.

Ignoring the basic car care requirements can result in safety and reliability issues or lead to advanced depreciation of your valued asset.

Maintain regular service intervals

Maintaining the correct servicing schedule is the first step to looking after your car, especially if you aren’t mechanically minded yourself.

Car service intervals operate on odometer reading and time lapse, you need to have your car serviced when you meet the first of these two readings. Do not wait until you have surpassed both of them. For example your next service is due at 20,000 km or August 2014 - if you hit 20,000km in April 2014 you will have it serviced straight away. If you don’t hit 20,000 km before August 2014 you need to have it serviced in August.

Things to keep an eye on

Even if a car has not yet reached the odometer requirement for next service, there are many fluids and components on a car that deteriorate over time, regardless of distance travelled. These includes things such as transmission and brake fluids, rubber belts and hoses or paper type filters. A car battery should also be checked regularly to ensure it is in good condition.

Regularly checking the tyre pressure is another important procedure. A blown tyre can be catastrophic and poorly inflated tyres wear more quickly and use more fuel.

Your vehicle log book contains information on the manufacturers specified service schedule or you can ask your car mechanic to devise a schedule that is specific to your needs or driving habits.

Tips for cooling system maintenance

Maintain your car engine's cooling system by checking and topping up your coolant to maximise efficiency and prolong the life of your cooling system. Here are some tips to help you with cooling system maintenance.

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How to maintain your car tyres

Car tyre maintenance is an important factor in safe and economic driving.

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